Friday open from 4 pm (16 Uhr)
Fair with many Exhibitors

Saturday open from 10 am (10 Uhr)

10 am  (10 Uhr) 

Fair with many Exhibitors
Best Practise Examples 

12 noon (12 Uhr)
Coffee Break (included, no extra cost)

12.30 pm (12.30 Uhr) 

Many exclusive Statistics 

Meaning of Livestream and Livescore 

2 pm  (14 Uhr) 
Pickleball or Padel?

Side Events for Tournaments 

Election of Tournament Boards

5 pm (17 Uhr)

Award for Joanna Langhorne  - longtime ATP Challenger Director 


7 pm (19 Uhr)

Dinner followed by Party (not included in Ticket. Everyone pays for himself)